Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crazy World -jp 04/12/08

Crazy world
Can I leave you behind?
Escape this reality
And the mixed up state of mind?
Crazy world
You've got it all wrong
Poisoning hearts
With your siren song.
Crazy world
I wish I could take their pain away
Destroy those choices
And debts they have to pay.
Crazy world
You just don't understand forgiveness anyway
Turning your back and spitting
Covering the innocent one's face.
Crazy world
You leave solitude in your wake
Heads spinning, bodies jarring
With every soul you take.
Crazy world
Sometimes I feel so alone
Just living my life in truth
Every step setting the tone.
Crazy world
What future lies ahead?
So much suffering from the lies
The darkness pouring from words unsaid.
Crazy world.
Crazy, crazy mixed up world.
I don't belong to you.
Me and my foreign heart.

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