Tuesday, June 28, 2005

To be wed...and jobless---j.p. 6/28/05

Dishes and groceries,
Shopping and more,
Scrubbing and cleaning,
Mopping tiled floors.
Catching Katie Couric
On the morning show,
Taking a run by the pond
(Sometimes feelin' slow).
A story here, a story there
But otherwise, not much to do.
Trying to enjoy it
Before we hit month two.
Vacuuming and laundry
Straightening up the bed,
I'm starting to understand
A little about being wed.

Me, the little housewife
(Though unvoluntarily).
Stuck inside a home
While the temp passes 103.
Wishing for something steady
Maybe time to scrapbook,
But waiting on the pictures
That over a month ago we took. (dang the digital age!)

Lord help me to understand
Why this is the position You want me in,
Help me to be patient
And not wonder where You've been.

A college degree and a little talent
Is apparently not enough,
When it comes to waiting on the position
Is it all about luck?
Or is there a meaning
To all of this waiting?
To all of this frustration
And commiserating?

*Pray for me y'all---I want a good job!--soon!