Friday, September 24, 2004

Hello all!
I'm recovering from a cold right now, isn't that fun? Everyone's getting sick. In fact, I haven't seen Obadiah since Sunday for that very reason and there's no telling if I'll even see him tonight. Poor thing, his birthday (the big 24) is tomorrow and he'll be sick for it. No fun. Anyway, my immune system's probably dragging, so I'm almost positive if I spent time with him, I'd probably catch the miserable cold he's got. So this week hasn't been the most fun because, well, you know, I like seeing him during the week and 5 minute conversations every day just doesn't seem to cut it sometimes. But I'm surviving; we're surviving...
Last night I had an interesting experience. I've made a new friend and her name is Chelsea. She works with me at the school magazine and she specializes in the underground music scene. Anyway, she knows practically all the bands that come through Phoenix and last night she called me up to see if I wanted to go with her to see a band she'd just written about. I was like "okay, sure. Something to do other than homework(which I've been holed up in my house doing every night before going to bed early to kick this sickness..)" So I met up with her and we went to the Marquee Theatre in Tempe.
Well, we walk up and we get our free tickets and our backstage pass and we have to stick the sticker on. However, on the black sticker is a picture of President Bush with a giant red "X" through his face. That's when I realize that I'm about to enter the Rock Against Bush Tour concert. Yikes. Talk about feeling like a minority! But hey, it's stupid to just shun anyone who doesn't believe the same things I do, so I shrugged it off and went inside with her.
It wasn't too political until the headliner Anti-Flag came on and started spewing obscenities about the president. Hmm...what was that song they wrote called...? Oh yah, "die for your government" and another was "F*** police brutality," etc. Then of course you got the whole "he lied to us about WMD," and I think one of the lyrics to a song about him was "turncoat, liar..." you get the drift.
Just looking out over the crowd of kids flashing the "bird" at the sound of our president's name and the anger and hostility in their voices and eyes, man, it was crazy.
So I kept my little conservative mouth shut and just soaked it in. No use picking a fight with a punk rocker in tight pants and a mohawk...
That was my "exciting" night last night. I'm sure you're all jealous. Nonetheless, it was an experience albeit slightly unnerving.
Well, better get going and take care of some of my chores for the day.
Hasta, gente!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A mi me disgusta mi computadora!!!
Estoy frustrada con tecnología.
Siempre, cuando lo necesito trabajar,
No lo trabaja.
En este momento, mi cabeza,
Cuando lo necesito trabajar,
No lo trabaja :)
Tengo "senioritis,"
Soy una floja
Quiero reportar sobre muchas cosas,
Quiero leer algunos libros
Pero no quiero tomar mis examenes
Y no quiero levantar muy temprano por mis clases.
Quiero aprender sin el trabajo.
Quisiera viajar cerca del mundo,
Vea los lugares de los ancianos
Y grita "mira! El mundo fantastico!"
Pero no.
Estoy aquí con mi computadora.
Necesito escribir un ensayo sobre un cuento.
Tengo que entregarlo mañana.
No quiero hacerlo.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Estoy viviendo la vida loca.
Escriba! Escriba! Escriba!
La vida normal.
Lea! Lea! Lea!
Que día, dice la cabeza.
Un día que está llenado con responsibilidades
Necesito ir aquí, ahí
Como siempre, no estoy terminado.
Otra cosa necesito hacer aquí, ahí.

Anduve al aéropuerto con mi mama,
Me dijo "te amo," sus maletas circa de sus pies.
Te amo, mi mama.
Ella es la más importante; también mi familia; mi novio...

Mañana será otro día
Y me encontraré las otras responsibilidades
Con energía, con mi Dios
Mi espiritu estará bien y también mi salud.
Mañana será otro día.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

So really right now I should be writing my story for State Press Magazine, but I'm jumping on here briefly to send a link out to all y'all who are interested in reading the story I worked so hard on---it's about prostitution and Apache Blvd. The area most effected is next to campus--a 2-mile span. Anyhoo, hope you get a chance to read it because I worked hard on it.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Just a little note for y'all..
Getting really busy with school and newspaper stuff, so forgive me if you don't read anything new for the next week. Don't forget about me though! I'm sure I'll have a million things to write on here after my article is finally published and my trip to Monterrey, Mexico nears. Until then, mis amigos, gracias por su tiempo...
Hasta luego.


It was Friday night and I stood by, waiting as they questioned the man. The night was warm, the sky was black. I had been silently praying off and on throughout the previous evening and throughout my day. She hadn't left my mind. I had never felt a burden like that before.
I took in my surroundings. The beat up cars parked several yards away. The grass, parched by the glare of the Arizona sun. A can of tuna resting on a concrete ledge, partially eaten, covered in ants. No wonder the strays were fat, I thought.
The apartments were mostly dark and quiet and a few residents ambled about. I don't remember their faces.
But I do remember her.
At first, I thought I was imagining things. I blinked a few times and peered at her. It'd be strange if it didn't end up being her, I thought to myself.
But it was.
Heather? I asked.
She looked at me, studying my face, trying to recognize.
It's me. Jen. From the other night? I said.
I was in disbelief.
Oh hi! she said, her thin arms wrapping around me as we embraced.
I couldn't believe it. Here she was, miles away from where we had first met only 24 hours earlier.
That's so funny. I came here on a whim to see my friend, she said.
I told her I was a writer at ASU. Just working on a story.
She had gone to school for a little while before everything started falling apart, she said. She wanted to be a photojournalist, maybe do something in the music scene.
I didn't press her for details. Lord, if it's meant to be, I know you'll make something happen. But I won't stop praying.
She smiled after she got my number. I didn't get hers. She doesn't have a permanent phone number. She stays in motels.

I was and still am completely dumbfounded by the experience. It further affirms in my mind that there is no such thing as a coincidence. No way. In this situation, how could there be?

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Heather--j.g 9/2/04

What have I to offer
To the person who has none?
What is it I can do
To glorify the Almighty's Son?
I complain I have no money
While I spend it on a meal,
And I cry out for companionship
When all I have to do is kneel.

But she, who sits on the curb
Has no one, or so it seems,
She asks for spare change
In a desperation that demeans.

What brought her to this spot this night
Near the convenience store door,
Crumpled in a small ball
Not knowing what life is for?
Did she have a family?
A mom or a dad?
What brought her to this station
Sitting all alone and sad?

The words are halting
What am I to do?
Christ, what have I to say,
To bring this girl to you?

I didn't expect her to be open
Or for her even to agree,
But there she clutched my hand
And I wished she could be free.
The piercings, the tattoos,
I'd been around them for a while,
I used to judge those who had them
Maybe give them a run-of-the-mill smile.

Her blue eyes lined with black,
Looked back at me with surprise
Her tall skinny frame sat close,
As she bent her head and closed her eyes.

You gave me peace,
The words quite elementary,
And as I drove away,
Things I could've said came to me.

A warrior of prayer I am not,
At times I utter the same old thing,
And in that time when I was called,
I waited for the words that you would bring.

Lord, give me more like that
Let me give it all to them,
Lord, I have so much, I just can't stand it,
I don't even want to pretend!
I get caught up in my own world
Holding onto my own wealth,
And I dare not venture out into the night,
For my own safety and my health.

But Lord, you're my protector,
It's all in your guiding hands,
If this is not where you want me
Send me off to distant lands!
If it is here that you want me to stay
Provide me with more like her,
And I will do what you want
Even if a simple prayer is all I have to offer.