Monday, March 21, 2005

Drama, drama, drama. My goodness. I feel like I'm constantly muttering that to myself. And man has today been FILLED with it.
While I was gone, my reorder of wedding invitations finally came in. So we dove into them last night and started addressing them, only to discover that the ink was black instead of silver. Realizing we have basically no time left to ship them back to the company and get replacements, I decided to settle and just fold away last night. Every time I folded the invitations, my heart sank. Black ink on beautiful champagne-colored paper. What a pity. Everything else had silver writing EXCEPT for our beautiful invitations. I decided to just call the company in the morning and see if anything could be done.
I called them this morning and PRAISE GOD, they're going to reprint the invitations today and send them overnight to us! They should be here tomorrow. Phew.
Then my day continued with two stories breaking over my head, my midterm internship review from my editor and a long day before school. (did that sentence make sense?) It was a crazy day and it's not over yet. Fortunately the stressful part is over and now I can go sit through my Alfred Hitchcock movie class. I always come out of there in a better mood, so I'm hoping that happens (not that my mood is terrible right now).
I was gone in Ensenada, MX over the Spring Break and though it was a lot of work and I got very little sleep, it was a great trip. It was wonderful to get to know some of the teens better and just interact with them and relax with them. It was also nice to spend time with the little ones and put gigantic smiles on their faces and illicit gut-giggles. Nothing better.
I'm about to say something slightly controversial, however. I loved Door of Faith (the orphanage), it was beautiful, however, I was slightly bummed at what great shape it was in and the amount of volunteers it received. That sounds odd, but let me explain.
I have experienced going into a Mexican orphanage before, but the other one was what you would expect an orphanage to be as opposed to what Door of Faith was. It was grey and cinderblock and the children were dirty and starved for attention. Door of Faith received tons of volunteers and receives lots of money from churches like mine and also Southern California churches which I'm sure are pretty well off. What's disappointing to me is I think of the orphanages that aren't Vineyard-oriented or affiliated and the probably hundreds that don't receive even half of the support as this orphanage and I wonder why we aren't serving there? Is it because it's convenient and we're used to this orphanage and we know the kids will like it? I don' t know, but I couldn't help but wonder if maybe the teens would have gotten more out of going to an orphanage that wasn't so well off. The kids at Door of Faith in essence have a family, as DJ has said. I know he's trying to train up other orphanages, which is great, but I don't know. I just see the faces of the kids I left behind two years ago at that cinderblock orphanage in Hermosillo and can't help but think "dang, these kids got the short end of the stick." So that's my feeling on the Door of Faith thing. It was a good experience though.
Gotta go to see Alfred. Hasta luego mis amigos!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Ode to the Sick Day

Sitting in my cubicle,
Feeling sorry for myself,
Watching the clock tick,
Wishing I were somewhere else.
At home my bed beckons me,
Covers still turned out,
And I slump tiredly in my chair,
Trying not to pout.

It's Friday and I'm sick,
Wishing to childhood I could return,
So the nurse could call my parents
And tell them my forehead burns.
My nose is runny,
My body achy,
I really shouldn't be here,
But I've been paid my wage,
And my boss looms near.
Gone are the glory days,
When a sniffle brought you home.
And an ache in your belly merited a nap,
On nice, cushy foam.
So here I am stuck,
Working diligently away,
Thinking back to yesteryear,
When there was such thing as a 'sick day.'