Wednesday, October 31, 2007

For all you YouTube addicts out there who are wanting more "Christian" videos and stuff, here's your solution. I thought it was interesting that it was the "fastest growing Web site" on the Internet since its debut in August.

Check it out:


God Goes Online

By Andy Greenberg,
God goes online (©

YouTube has produced its share of celebrities: Lonelygirl15, the lip-syncing Chinese teenagers known as the Back Dormitory Boys, and Tyson, the skateboarding bulldog, to name a few.

But no single video by any of these user-generated superstars has ever attracted as many viewings as a clip of a little girl wearing a "Princess" T-shirt, reciting the Bible's Psalm 23. That video has been viewed more than 3.7 million times--not on Google's YouTube but on, the site's upstart competitor.

Godtube, a user-generated content site that focuses on Christian-friendly videos and filters out profane or sexual references, became the single fastest-growing site on the Web just after launching in August, according to comScore Media Metrix. Chris Wyatt, the company's founder and chief executive, says the site attracts over 3 million unique visitors a month.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The bittersweet door
-jp 10/29/07

The bittersweet revolving door
Ushers me to an exciting beginning,
While pushing back all of the old
As it continues spinning.

Yes, as with time
Friends come and go,
And before it's realized
Life changes and it's hard to know.

What's next?
When and where do I move?
A never-ending game of chess
With no winners and nothing to prove.

You are the Hand guiding my steps
When I walk through that door,
You are there in front of me,
Behind me and beside me giving me more.

I know you'll never give me
More than my sometimes-weak body can handle,
And though in the darkness sometimes I may travel
You are my Light, you are the candle.

So through the portal I will go
Watch time slip by and wait,
Knowing your timing is perfect
Never too early, never too late.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ah, change.
It's a normal fact of life that we're going to experience it.

New life is created. Old lives pass away.
Friends move in. Friends move away.

New life.
It seems like I've experienced all of these scenarios in some way over the last year. No, I personally haven't experienced the creation of a new life yet, so don't get any ideas, but I've had plenty of loved ones go through the process. It's pure joy and excitement.

I'm sort of on the other side of the spectrum for both of those aforementioned ideas.

Old lives.
My grandfather, the relative with whom I was probably the closest, passed away in December. It was heartbreaking and I'm still trying to cope with that loss.

But, if I've learned anything from that it's this: spend time with your loved ones; you never know when they won't be here anymore.

Additionally, it's the concept that change is constant and life is filled with unexpected turns of events. BUT, God always brings along something to heal your heart.

My grandfather and I were pen pals from the time I was 12. We always had letters going at some point or another. When he died, I worried that I'd lose that family connection. However, God brought my grandmother to mind and I promised my grandfather before he passed, that we'd keep the letter writing going.

It's been a joy to get to know my grandmother on a deeper level.


After months of prayer, contemplation, and interviewing, one of my closest friends is moving away. It's a smart, brave, and incredibly difficult thing to do and I'm proud of them for following God's leading. Nonetheless, it's no fun to lose your confident, and the person you enjoy sharing your deepest thoughts with. Distance makes things tough, but thanks to technology, my hopes are high.

Within days before she left, I found out that another close friend is moving. In two weeks. To another state.
Another tough blow, but I know God has a plan for her and I trust that He's been in the center of that decision.

And then, just a day before my friend left, another friend tells me she's moving in January. It's a huge answer to prayer and I'm immensely thrilled for her (and slightly jealous). I know that God's got tremendous things in store for her in this new adventure.

So, while I'm stoked for my friends' life changes, it still leaves a bit of a void.

I know God is already raising up opportunities for me to move out of my comfort zone and meet new, godly women. I know that He's working in ways to challenge me in my ministry and stretch me in a multitude of ways. But man is it tough to face these trials!

I'm reminded of the passage in James that goes like this:
"1:2 My brothers and sisters,4 consider it nothing but joy5 when you fall into all sorts of trials, 1:3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance. 1:4 And let endurance have its perfect effect, so that you will be perfect and complete, not deficient in anything. "

Someday He will create perfection in me, but this is a part of it. He's giving me my trials and building my faith in the process.

It reminds me of marathon training. People are always amazed by the miles I ran in order to prepare for it. Often, they don't stop to think about the build up that happened for me to be able to accomplish the 26.2 mile race. I slowly added two miles each week to my training, which was tough, but it built my endurance.

So, I'll go through these trials to build my faith, to build my endurance.
Ultimately, I know God's preparing me for this marathon life so that I may reach perfection--and the finish line--someday.