Wednesday, November 24, 2004

So not all of my "to dos" have been finished yet, but many have. I turned in my Pulliam Journalism Fellowship papers and am psyched about that. Just a tad late, but the deadline was extended. I'm also very excited because yesterday I found out that I won a prize in a Hearst Journalism contest. Basically, journalism students from all over the nation submit entries into categories like "in depths," "breaking news," and "features." Mine was my Asperger's Syndrome story from last fall and it won 9th place out of 105 entries. I get a $500 scholarship from them and a $500 grant goes to my journalism school also. Pretty cool. But the coolest part is I found out that getting a Hearst award is the college equivalent of what a Pultizer is to a professional journalist. So it carries weight.
I called my journalism mentor soon after I found out and she said she wanted to e-mail the guy who hired me at the Republic and tell him the good news. So she did and he said he'd put the info in my file. According to my mentor, the Hearst is almost a better ticket into a job than even the Pulliam Fellowship. We'll see what happens, but that was pretty cool...
T-minus 24 hours until I dig into yummy turkey and mashed potatoes. How exciting is that? Okay, not so exciting, but it'll be good food. I'll be spending my first Thanksgiving away from my family and instead with Obadiah's. It should be pretty interesting.
We have a busy BUSY weekend ahead of us. So here's my "to do" list...

1. 9 a.m- 10K race (Turkey Trot)--that's about 6 miles for the non-runner...
2. 1 p.m.- Thanksgiving begins in the West Valley with Obadiah's family

1. Morning-Time to figure out exactly where we're going to register for our wedding
2. Buy bridal shower gift for friend Annie
3. Noon- meet photographer for rescheduled photo session
4. 2 p.m.-scrapbook with Mom

1. Paint the hallway in the house
2. 3-5 p.m.-Bridal Shower for friend
3. 8 p.m.-Deadline for SPM article


Fun fun. But life will begin to wind down here soon, thankfully. Love y'all and Happy Thanksgiving! Say a prayer for our troops and thank our Lord for all the great things He's given us!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Ahh, the "to do" list-Sounds like fun (hah!). Everybody else is doing it, so I guess I will too...

1. Read "Antigona furiosa" (Spanish play)
2. Read critiques of Antigona furiosa (in Spanish)
3. Write Spanish paper on Antigona furiosa-due tomorrow (dang the on-line library for not having the info I needed in time!)
4. Call Cindi and organize time to have her and Ashley try on bridesmaid dresses
5. Read Chicano Studies book
6. Do Chicano Studies assignment for tomorrow
7. Study for Spanish test (which is tomorrow as well, of course)
8. Talk to cops for tips in upcoming article
9. Call the caterer and check on the table covers
10. Call Hannah (obie's sister) and see if I need to take over flower pot project
11. Find more sources for NAFTA article (due Monday)
12. Start Chicano Studies paper (due Tuesday)
13. Take Trevor to RE class
14. Go running
15. Copy articles for Pulliam Journalism Fellowship application
16. Find a picture of myself for same application and copy it
17. Get 3rd recommendation to send in with application
18. Send all materials
19. Check into what I'm going to do to make money over the break
20. Pay the rest of my Mexico trip money
21. Finalize guest list (find out who's planning on coming)
22. Order invitations
23. Make informal announcements for others?
24. Shop for engagement photo session clothes (Thursday)
25. Pick up wedding dress (Sunday)
26. Figure out wedding hair (more practice...)
27. Talk with Republic and figure out Spring internship info.
28. (Misc. things that are bound to come up unexpectedly...)

Monday, November 08, 2004

Oh how I love this weather!!! It's funny because yesterday I was at church and it was all cloudy outside and I could feel myself growing more hyper by the moment. I don't know if it had to do with the homemade frappaccino I was drinking or the fact that it was rainy, but I lean toward the weather factor, personally. It's great!
This morning I was reading in Habukkuk and I was also thinking about a conversation my dad and I had last week. The book talks about Mr. Hab and his vision and talking with God about using evil nation, Babylon to punish Judah (I think that's right) and how terrible the city is; conquering other nations for wealth and on and on. It's a little freaky to think that the U.S. could go down just the same... What would life be like not being on top.
Alrighty, I gotta get going. Lots to do--I have a big interview today for my cover story, a few other phone calls to make for my other stories and other fun homework things to do.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Thursday, November 4th--Two days after Election Day

My media law professor wore black today. Not just a black shirt or shoes--EVERYTHING. His silk tie, which was normally a pallet of colors, was pure black.
He was in mourning. The Daily Show fan had talked ambiguously and sometimes outright about "Dubya" all semester. He said he'd be rejoicing on Thursday if the "righ man" was elected. Today, he was in mourning.
He showed us the Daily Mirror's cover. The London tabloid's face read "how can 59 [million] people be so dumb?" with a picture of our president waving. Clearly, my professor was in agreement. As were many of my fellow-students and my Chicano Studies professor. The girl in my Chicano Studies class, the one who asked us all to register to vote, still had Kerry-Edwards political buttons all over her knapsack.
My media law professor said he doesn't have enough black to wear for four years. The lawyer I worked with on Election Day said she'd move to Canada. The girl in my Ultimate Frisbee class said she couldn't even respect or accept the reelection of President Bush.
Through all of his, all I could think of was "get over it." It's true, I would have been disappointed if Kerry had been elected, however, I would have said "okay; the people have spoken."
I just hope that this hatred against our President subsides and that people will grow up a little and make a difference in the areas they feel are important. Move on and accept it.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Hey Kids!
Hope you're planning on voting or already did. Depending on when you're reading this, it's close to or is Election Day! I'll be working the polls from 5:30 a.m. until 10 a.m. so wish me luck! It'll be very interesting to see and I'll be pretty groggy. Think I'll stop by Starbucks for a Mocha Frappaccino Light--mmmm....
Hasta! Keep the election in your prayers!