Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Heidi-ho everyone!
T-minus 11 days til our wedding day. T-minus 9 days until graduation day. T-minus 15 days until we leave for our honeymoon. Can you believe it?
And most importantly...t-minus 6 days until finals and work are over for me! Slightly scary on the work side of things, but it'll be great to be done with finals.
Random things I thought or saw today (by 9 a.m.)

I saw a transvestite walking down Apache Blvd wearing a sequined, silver top. I think he/she was tweaked out, but the person was also playing with a long, ribbon-like thing and twirling it around. Wonder what he/she was thinking...

I saw the pretty flower garden near Hayden Library on ASU's main campus today. It made me think about the old ladies who come and prune it every week. I realized it's going to be one of my last times seeing it on a regular basis.

My Alfred Hitchcock class is over.

It's my last day for my rock climbing class---I'm going to have some friends take pictures of me climbing the upside-down part of a climb I'm trying to master (hope I look buff! haha)

I have to work on my precision journalism project that's due at 7:40 a.m. Thursday morning (when will I do this? No idea)