Sunday, March 02, 2008

Disillusioned Heart --jp 3/2/08

I say a prayer
And the tears sink in deep,
Pondering her thoughts with an edge
Striving to leave it alone, let it keep.
Broken shards and painful memories
Send her streaming downhill,
Seeming to escape the pounding reality
And somehow start over, harnessing her own will.
But no level of disillusionment
Or flight will change the truth,
That though she believes it's all her against the world
Her scars are all she needs as conflicting the proof.

No person or creature
Nor drug or love,
Will fix the self loathing or heal the pain
That comes from within.
Only He with scarred hands
Can understand hers and turn them pure,
Only He can clarify the messages
That haunt and plague the heart within her.

1 comment:

friend said...

May she finally be free
to take her mat
and get up and walk.